Get Remember the Milk tasks on Your Desktop with App For the Milk

Recently i got hooked on to using Remember the Milk for managing my tasks and to do list. While searching for a good desktop client for this web service, i came across App For the Milk. It is a nice desktop client which lets you manage your RTM tasks right from your desktop.

One good thing about the application is that it can be run in online as well as offline mode. When you are connected to the internet, it will run in online mode and it runs in offline mode when internet connection is not available. You can add tasks in offline mode and they will be automatically synchronized with the server when the connection is available. On running it for the first time, it will ask for your credentials and you will have to authorize it. One more reason for liking it is that it is an Adobe AIR application. It is got a neat and small interface which displays your tasks. Tasks which are due today will be displayed in bold and it has also got a search feature.

You can also use other options like Firefox extensions for RTM but if you are looking for a good desktop client, this is it. It runs on Mac, Windows as well as Linux and requires Adobe AIR.