Manage Startup Programs with Clean Startup

Clean Startup as the name suggests is a freeware using which you can manage the programs which starts automatically when you start your Computer. Every time you turn on your computer, you will notice that a lot of programs are started automatically. While some may be useful, some may be useless that may be taking system resource while slowing down the startup time. Clean Startup presents a very simple interface which helps you in managing which programs to add to your startup list.

On running the program, it will present you with a list of programs that are added to your startup list. Double Click on an item and you will get more information about it like the program location, file name, description etc. You can also stop the program from running on windows startup from here or you can also start a previously stopped program. If you are unsure about a specific program, you can directly launch a Google search for that directly from this screen. This is quite useful if some virus or other malware has added itself to the startup list. The program can also monitor your startup programs for any changes and you can change the monitoring frequency. It also has a ‘Restore’ option so that you can always revert back when something goes wrong.

The program is a freeware and runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and requires .Net framework 2.