Get System Information with SimpleSysInfo

SimpleSysInfo is a freeware that gives you complete information about your Computer’s hardware as well as operating system. Though it does not give you a very detailed information, the basic information that it provides is good enough to know about all the different components of the Computer.

The program requires no installation and you can directly run it. It has a simple tabbed interface with each interface providing information about different components. The ‘General’ tab provides the registration as well as system info which includes Computer Name, Vendor, Serial Number etc. The ‘Operating System’ provides information like the Name, service pack level, Installation Date, profile folder, user name etc. The Memory and Processor tabs gives information regarding the RAM and the CPU. There are also different tabs providing information regarding your Sound, Network and Video card. The information about your drives also also listed in separate tabs. You can also export all the information in an HTML files or save the results in a text file. Print and email features are also provided.

The program is small in size and is portable. It runs on all the version of Windows.