Add Glamour Effects to Your Pictures with Glamour Filter

Glamour Filter is a simple freeware tool which enables you to enhance your existing photos to get a glamour-style effect. The program achieves this by adjusting the histogram levels of the picture to get the effect.

Its usage is very simple. Just load the image that you want to modify and click the “Add Glamour” button. You will get a preview of the image and then you can apply the effect if you are satisfied. It also has a before/after view so that you can compare the modified image with the original. While applying the effect, you can also fine tune the result by modifying the slider value. Apart from that, you can also add “Soft Focus” effect or modify the saturation level of the photo. After making the modifications, the image can be saved in a new file or copied to the clipboard.

The program is free and requires no installation. It runs on all the version of the Windows.