SearchMyFiles is a nice Windows Search Replacement

SearchMyFiles is a nice freeware which allows you to find files on your Computer with a lot of search options. If you are not happy with the default search provided by Windows, then give this program a try. It gives you a lot of search options that can be quickly accessed from a single screen.

The program is portable and requires no installation. Run the program and two windows will open. In one window, you can specify the different search parameters. You can specify the different wildcards that you want to use for search, the folders that you wish to include or exclude, the extensions that you want to exclude. You can further filter down by specifying the minimum and maximum file size, the file attributes and the file creation, modified time etc. The other window displays the search results and provides some basic options. Changing the search mode from “Basic” to “Duplicates search” enables it to be used as a duplicate files finder. A manual is also provided with it but the program is easy enough to use for anybody. The program can also be used from the command line with certain parameters.

SearchMyFiles is a freeware and runs on almost all the version of Windows including Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.