SmoothDocs Lets You Quickly Create Document From Templates

SmoothDocs is a free document assembly software using which you can quickly create professional documents from lots of templates that are provided. Creating documents from scratch can be a time consuming task. Using Smoothdocs, you can quickly create a lots of documents by changing certain parameters like the Name of Company, address, employee name etc.

The software comes with a lot of predefined templates that you can use. The templates can also be modified or you can also create your very own template from the scratch to suit the format that you want. To create a document in Smoothdocs, simply select a template on your computer or from the main screen. Different templates will have different sections and fields that you can modify or use. All the sections of the templates will be listed in the left hand side and you can add the section that you want to your document by drag/ drop or by button click. Your inputs can be provided to the field names and they will be replaced in the document. Fonts, alignment of the document can be done and it also comes with a spell checker.

You can also use it to create your specific templates which can then be used to create documents. The process of creating a templates is similar. You can add sections, the text that you want for each section and the fieldnames that each section is going to have. The created document can be saved and also exported to PDF if you want. Print Preview functionality is there to check the document before printing.

Smoothdocs is free to use but the free version has its limitations as it allows only limited sections to be added. Smoothdocs also provided round the clock support for any queries that you may have. It is a great tool for small business as well as individuals. The program runs on Windows 7, Vista and XP.