Sahipasand is Free Indian Classifieds Site

Sahipasand is a free classifieds site which allows you to sell or buy a wide range of products online. The site is a venture of Schibsted Classified Media, a media company based in Norway and one of the biggest online advertising company in Europe. The site allows you to buy and sell a wide range of products including Bikes, cars or you can even use it to buy and rent real estate or even look for jobs. The site can be aptly described as an Indian version of Craiglist.

The site has a got a very clean interface. The homepage asks you to choose from one of the 28 regions. The best thing is that there are no messy ads which you normally find in other such types of site. The site doesn’t charge you anything for posting ads and you can even directly contact the seller for any product. You don’t even have to register to post the ads or even contact the seller. You can browse various classifieds ads based on your selected region or you can even search for listings based on different categories like Real Estate, Vehicles, Electronics, Personal Items, Job listings etc.

One of the main problems in online classified sites is that they contain a lot of spam material. Thankfully, such is not the case with Sahipasand thanks to there quality of service. All the ads posted there are manually reviewed so as to avoid any low quality ads or promotional content. So you can be quite certain that all the ads mentioned on the site are unique. Posting an ad on the site is very simple. Just mention your name, email, phone number, ad text, price, image etc. Even a simple internet user won’t have trouble using it. The ads can be classified as favourites so that you have quick access to ones that you are interested in.

The site currently has more than 45,000 ads which is not bad for a startup. Its clean interface and usability makes it one of the best classifieds site for the Indian market. Have a look at that site for some great deals in your region.