Change Windows 7 Logon Image with Logon Screen

Logon Screen is a freeware which allows you to change the default logon screen of Windows 7. Even though Windows 7 comes with some beautiful wallpapers, there is no option which allows you to set one for the Logon screen. This simple program allows you to change the logon screen with the click of a button.

After installing the program, run the program and select the image that you wish to set as logon screen. You will need to run the program in ‘Administrator’ mode for it to work. The program supports image size of around 256kb but even if the selected image is of greater size, it will automatically resize it to suit the needs. The program also offers some customization style options like Light shadows etc. You can even use it to show/hide the shutdown button, use Ctrl+Alt+Del to login. You can even display some random legal text during the logon time. The program also integrates with the windows explorer. You can even right click on an image and select –> set as logon background and it will be done instantly.

The program is a freeware and works on Windows 7.