Convert MKV Files for XBOX 360 with XenonMKV

XenonMKV is a freeware using which you convert your high definition mkv files into a proper MP4 format which can be played in your XBOX 360. If you have a good collection of HD movies in mkv format and you want to watch them on your XBOX 360, then this a good converter to use.

The program is easy to use. Install the program and simple select the file you wish to convert and the output folder. Since this program is specifically for XBOX 360, you won’t need to make any changes to the output settings. The program is also faster as it does not do any video transcoding, only the audio is downsampled to comply with format which Xbox supports. Since XBOX doesn’t support file size of more than 4GB, you will have to split any larger files which you wish to convert.

The program is a freeware as well as open source. It works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.