Wally is an Automatic Wallpaper Changer

Wally is a freeware automatic wallpaper changer program which can automatically change your Desktop wallpaper at regular intervals. One of the best features of Wally is that apart from using images stored on your local computer, it can perform search on various online services like Flickr, Yahoo, PhotoBucker etc based on specified keywords and display the images found there as desktop wallpaper.

The program will start as a minimized icon in system tray. You can right click the icon and configure the program as per your need. All the different services which are supported are listed on the left hand side and you can configure the sources as per your needs. You can select the source and specify the Text/keyword that will be used to search that source. You can combine multiple sources so that wallpapers are displayed randomly from the selected sources.

Apart from that, you can also configure the duration, the positioning of the wallpapers. You can also configure it to save the wallpaper to your local machine at a specified location. You can also configure it to display the wallpaper at the specified desktop area.

The program comes with a lot of customization options. It runs on all the version of Windows and is also cross platform.