Directory Hog is a portable folder size reporting tool

Directory Hog is a freeware folder size reporting tool using which you can find out which folder is taking how much space on your disk drives.

The usage of the program is very simple. Run the program and provide the drive or the folder that you want to analyze. The program will the scan the drives and will show a list which displays the number of folders inside the drive and the amount of space they are taking. It also displays the number of files in the folder, the total size of the folder and the name and size of the largest file present in the folder. The results can be sorted by column and can also be printed. You can also set the maximum folder size which it should ignore. You can even configure it to ignore selected files and folders.

It is a simple and portable program which displays the information without use of any fancy charts and graphs. It is a freeware and works on all the version of Windows.