Clean Junk Files On your Computer with JetClean

JetClean is a freeware system cleaning tool which can be used to remove a lot of junk files from the computer which include temporary files, recycle bin files, broken shortcuts, Memory Dumps, DNS cache etc. If we don’t regularly delete such files from our Computer, it is bound to become cluttered with such type of useless files. Over the course of time, these also start affecting the overall system performance. There are a lot of system clean up utilities available on the Internet but JetClean stands out from the others in most of the aspect.

The program has a got a slick interface which has been divided into five parts which includes Registry Clean, Windows Clean, App Clean, RAM Clean and Shortcuts Clean. All these options are further sub divided into different options which we can select to specify what all the areas we want to program to scan. The program can also create a system restore point and take the backup of the system registry so that we can undo any changes that were not proper. You just need to select the options and click a single button. The program will then scan all the specified areas and will come up with a list of all the issues that it found. You can then use it to repair the problems.

The program is very fast and it can cleanup your system within a few minutes. Apart from these features, it also comes with some other handy utilities like a system information tool, a start up optimizer and an uninstall manager. But before using this utility, it is better to create a system restore point as one can never be sure as to what it may delete.  A pro version of the software is also available which comes with some advanced and pro features.

The program is a freeware and runs on all the version of Windows. A portable version of the software is also available which can be directly run from pen drive.