Control Firefox Memory Usage with Firemin

If you use Firefox browser, then you have an idea about the amount of memory that it consumes. With each release, Mozilla claims that memory leaks issue has been fixed but as i write this post on my browser, my Firefox is consuming around 300MB of memory, too much for a web browser. Firemin is a small application that can eliminate the memory leaks in Firefox and keep its memory usage in check.

The program runs in the system tray and it optimizes the browser’s memory at regular intervals by forcing it to remove some of the system’s memory. It uses a safe Microsoft API (EmptyWorkingSet)  to force Firefox to release some of the memory without causing any Stability issues. I opened Firefox and after sometime, the memory consumption reached around 250MB. After running Firemin, the memory usage decreased to around 10MB and was mostly constant throughout the time Firemin was running.

The program is very useful and highly recommended if you are a Firefox user. It runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It is a freeware.