Organize Photos By Dimensions with Dimensions 2 Folders

Dimensions 2 Folders is a freeware which can sort images into folders based on dimensions. If you work with a lot of images daily, and need a utility that can sort them based on there resolutions, this is the one.

The program created different folders based on resolution names and then copies or moves the images there. You can specify the source and destination folders and then scan the source folder recursively. You can specify the sorting options that you want.  You can configure it to copy or move all the files or you can specify the resolution of the images that you want to copy along with a tolerance level. You can even specify it to sort the images that match a certain aspect ratio that you specify. You can copy or move the image files but it is better to copy the files. The program will create different folders like “800X600” , “1024X768” etc and will keep the matching images there.

The program is very useful if you want to sort the images on your computer based on there dimensions. The program is portable and can work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.