Create and Share Notes with TinyPad

TinyPad is a small notepad type application which lets you create notes and also share them with your friends. You may call it a notepad replacement as it comes with all the basic features but it has some unique features also which separates it from the rest.

The program has got a simple tabbed interface. You can create unlimited number of notes. Each note is created in a new tab which makes them easily accessible. The name of the tab can be changed as per your liking and a timestamp can also be added to each note. The program offers text editing features. You can change the font color, make heading, format data in form of lists etc. One of its nice features is that it also auto saves all the tabs that you have created so you don’t have to individually save all the tabs. Since the program supports multiple tabs, you may be wondering what happens as the number of notes increase. The program lets you archive tabs so that they are no longer displayed but can be quickly accessed by a button click.

You can export all your notes for backup and you can also sync the notes online and share them with friends. The program uses an online service called SharedNote to sync the notes and share the same with others. The online notes are encrypted with 256 – bit encryption to protect it from unauthorized people. It even has a twitter integration allowing you to share your notes through twitter.

The program runs on all the version of Windows.