Monitor Contents of Directory with Directory Monitor

Directory Monitor is a freeware which can be used to monitor the contents of a local or network directory for any kind of changes. You can also choose to launch an external program whenever such changes occur.

The program has got a simple interface. You can add the folders that you want to monitor and you can specify the events for which the folder has to be monitored like New Files, Deletions, Modifications etc. Whenever there is a change in the folder, the program will alert you with a balloon tip. You can even monitor the sub directories. The program can also be used for Network directories and this can come quite handy when you are part of a large local area network.

You can even enable logging and specify a text file which will record the list of changed. In the network directory, it can even log the name of the user which made the changes. You can include or exclude the files by specifying the extensions. The program has some other options like email etc which can be unlocked by paying donations.

The program is also portable and can be run without any installation. It runs on Windows Xp/7/8.