Insert Frequently Used Text Anywhere With TypeText

TypeText is a freeware using which you can quickly insert your frequently used text snippets or words into any text editor. Many times while typing something or replying to mails, there are some text that we use quite often. Using TypeText, we can quickly insert them by a single button click.

While working in any text editor, simple press Ctrl + B and it will bring a small dialog from which we can select the text snippet that we want to insert and it will be added to the current document. The program provides a simple interface where we can add and edit the text snippets. The snippets that we enter can be combined with special keys like Caret, Return, Paste etc. The program also lets you import/export the text snippets and it also comes with a backup feature.

The program can be quite productive and it works on Windows Xp/Vista/7/8.