Manage Multiple Clipboard Channels with Clipjump

Clipjump is an enhanced multiple clipboard manager application which keeps track of all the data that you copy to the clipboard. The default windows clipboard doesn’t give you any option other than simple and copy and paste. Clipjump keeps track of all the items that you copy to your clipboard in any format and you can paste the one that you need.

All the items that you copy will be maintained in Clipjump. On pressing Ctrl + v, you can cycle between the items that are present and paste the one that you want. One of the best feature it provides is the creation of multiple clipboard channel. You can now create multiple clipboard so that you can copy some specific data into different ones which is quite easily managed. You can then select the channel that you want to use. This is really helpful if you are working on multiple things and don’t want to copy all the data inside a single clipboard. You can also view the clipboard history and can delete the items that you don’t need. You can copy anything to clipboard irrespective of file format. It even provides a preview of the images that you copy. You can even your clipboard content and share them with your friends. It also supports batch pasting and it can even be customized by different plugins.

The program is also quite fast and no installation is needed for the same. It runs on all the version of Windows.