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Online Storage Wars

Although online data storage services probably aren’t interesting enough subjects for a reality TV show, like their real life counterparts in the form of Storage Wars and like shows, they are as critically important to business workflow at home and at the office. The ability to be able to backup and sync data, share it […]

Rapidshare Contest Winners Announcement

Sorry for the delay in the announcement of the winners for the Rapidshare contest. Validating each entry took a bit of time. All the valid entries along with the points they had were mentioned in a list which was randomized and each was assigned a unique number. Three random number were picked out by […]

Windows 7 System Requirements

Microsoft has released the Windows 7 RC for the Technet subscribers and it will also be released for the general public next week. Microsoft has also released the Windows 7 System Requirements for the Windows 7 RC. While Windows 7 is scheduled to release later this year, it will not be much different from the […]

Get Free Windows 7 Beta Product Key

In the last post, i mentioned the Direct Download links of Windows 7 Beta using which you can download Windows 7 beta instantly. However, the product key was still not available from the Microsoft site. The guys at Neowin have found a way using which you can get the Windows 7 Beta product key instantly.

Windows 7 Beta Direct Download Links

Microsoft released the Windows 7 Beta yesterday but Microsoft’s servers were unable to handle all the load so Microsoft removed the Download link. And today when I tried to download Windows 7, I got this message Thanks for your interest in the Windows 7 Beta. The volume has been phenomenal — we’re in the process […]