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Delete Files Permanently with Hardwipe

Hardwipe is a freeware secure file deletion tool. It can be used to permanently delete files from the computer so that they cannot be recovered. The program can also be used to hard wipe all the data on the disk or any portable or USB drive.

Clean Junk Files On your Computer with JetClean

JetClean is a freeware system cleaning tool which can be used to remove a lot of junk files from the computer which include temporary files, recycle bin files, broken shortcuts, Memory Dumps, DNS cache etc. If we don’t regularly delete such files from our Computer, it is bound to become cluttered with such type of […]

Cut and Edit MP3 files with mp3DirectCut

mp3DirectCut is a freeware which can be used for cutting, copying and editing of mp3 files. The program does not decompress the files so all the editing is performed without any re-encoding and the original quality is preserved.

SmartClose lets you Close and Restore programs with a Single Click

SmartClose is a freeware which allows you to close all your running programs with a single click. Apart from that, it also saves the state of the system so that the programs can also be easily started and restored to previous state.

Convert Any Document To PDF with PDF24 Creator

PDF Creator is a freeware using which you can convert any document to PDF format. Apart from installing a virtual printer driver, the program also allows you to import documents from scanner and you can even use it to split and merge PDF files.