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Morph Photos using FotoMorph

FotoMorph is a freeware using which you can quickly create image morphing animations. For those who don’t know, Morphing is a technique in which am image is turned into another. Using FotoMorph, morphed animation images can be created within minutes.

SmoothDraw – Painting and Image Editing Software

SmoothDraw is a free image editing and natural painting application. Windows comes with a Paint utility but it hasn’t changed much with each version. SmoothDraw is a nice hand drawing software using which you can produce high quality pictures. It is also very intuitive and very easy to use.

Optimize and Enhance Your Photos with PhotoPerfect Express

PhotoPerfect Express is a free and powerful image optimization tool which can be used to optimize and enhance your images. Not all of us are professional photographers and the some of the photos which we take may have some imperfections. This software can be used to maximize the potential of the photo without spending too […]

Edit a Photo’s Metadata with Microsoft Pro Photo Tools

Whenever you take a digital photograph, Metadata are automatically added to the digital photograph. Metadata can include information like the time when the photo was taken etc. Microsoft Pro Photo Tools is a free software which allows you to perform various tasks on your images like viewing/editing Metadata, RAW conversion, Geo tagging etc.

XnView – Multi Format Image Viewer and Converter

XnView is a free image viewer and converter that provides you with a lot of tools for working with your digital pictures. It can quickly and easily, process and convert files. It supports almost 400 Graphics format. You can view your images and convert them quickly to around 50 popular graphics format.